Super 8 Today Magazine






ISSUE #1 (NOV/DEC 2005)

An Interview with Kodak – Eastman Kodak’s Colette Scott, Worldwide Manager of the Education Segment of Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division reveals some interesting facts and insights into the future plans of Super-8 at Kodak.
To Telecine or Not to Telecine – Examination of the different types of telecine out there and shows a simple way to effectively do it yourself.
Farewell Kodachrome – A eulogy to the Kodachrome Super-8 cartridge, whose untimely passing at the age of forty took the Super-8 community by surprise.
Hello Ektachrome 64T – The birth of Ektachrome 64T introduced by Kodak as a replacement for Kodachrome is analyzed and the first test results screened.
Filming Macro – How a stamp collection can fill a Super-8 frame by using the macro option on a Bauer 715. The results are “stunning” and larger than life.
That Darn Conversion Filter – Why the 85A conversion filter is built into almost all Super-8 cameras, when to use it, and what happens if you don’t.
Exposing 64T in a Nautical Camera – Instructions on how to conform the unique Eumig Nautical so it will not overexpose the Ektachrome 64T.
What Makes Film Film Anyway? – The debate, the history, and most importantly the facts that make film and video look aesthetically different. If you thought you knew the answer, you might be surprised.
The Ultimate Film Look – When Michael Ryan shoots a promotional skateboard video on DV, he embarks on a quest to obtain that “ultmate film look” and ends up with a roll of Super-8.



ISSUE #2 (JAN/FEB 2006)

Interview with Ben CroweBen Crowe won an award at the Cannes Film Festival last year with his ten minute Super-8 film. Find out how he did it, and how he made the film in this in-depth and inspirational interview.
Getting the Most Out of Ektachrome 64T –
Kodak’s Kodachrome replacement may require a little more effort on the part of Super-8 users. Here’s what to do, and what to expect.
A Field Test of the Supermag 400 –
The Supermag 400 is a 400′ magazine that fits atop some Super-8 cameras. We test it, and discover a unique way to self-bulk load any length of film into the magazine chamber for up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted filming.
The Magic of Time Lapse –
The concept of Time Lapse Photography is explained, and techniques perfected to get better pictures.
You Just Bought Your Camera from Ebay: Now What? –
New to Super-8, and just bought a used camera with no instructions? This is a basic “get to know your camera” primer.
Super-8 Production Techniques – Dudley Brown moves Super-8 into the computer age with a look at his efforts in shooting music videos.
How to Win on eBay Just like the card sharks do in Vegas, there are winning strategies for getting the most out of your bidding, and winning the most from your bids when looking for Super-8 equipment bargains.
Your Filmmaking Goal – What is the goal of your film? The time to think about this is during pre-production and here are the questions you need to ask yourself.


Interview with Cindy Stillwell – Cindy’s film, High Plains Winter, was just shown on January, 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival. Find out how she made the film, and what it’s like to be at Sundance.
A Tour of Dwayne’s Photo –
Tour this huge processing lab and take a look at what will soon be the only Super-8 Kodachrome processor still operating on the planet.
The Art of the In-Camera Edit –
Rick Palidwor brings the skill of making a movie on one uncut roll of Super-8 film to the genius level. Absolutely fascinating first hand experiences and tips are revealed.
Wildlife on Super-8 –
More tips and techniques revealed for shooting nature’s intriguing creatures from the large and dangerous to the small.
Building an External Power Source –
Camera’s battery power or corrosion got you down? No problem — it can be solved with $5 and some know-how to make your own battery pack that can run on any Super-8 camera.
Experimental Film & The Art of Creativity –
First hand experiences and interesting techniques are discussed to make a unique “avante-garde” film.
A Film Review of SLEEP ALWAYS – “Sleep Always” is a full-length feature film shot entirely on Super-8 film. But is it worth watching? A review of the film from an entertainment perspective.
The Super-8 Circus – A look at the 4th annual “Super-8 Circus” film festival with this year’s review and a look at the creative highlights of past years.
Film Restoration – Computer software has helped companies digitally restore old movies for some time. Now… can this technology be used with Super-8?

ISSUE #4 (MAY/JUNE 2006)

A Guide to Film Festival Submission – Ten basic talking points designed to help you understand the festival process, and increase your chances of getting that film accepted by the screening committee.
Clive Tobin:
The Man Behind Tobin Cinema Systems – An engaging conversation with a man who has extensive knowledge and experience in the Super-8 format, and who is also the inventor of a best selling professional telecine unit.
Think Small:
The Art of Foreground Miniatures – Super-8 actually works better than video for a lot of “in-camera” special effects. Find out how you can make special effects with models that look more realistic than computer generated ones.
The Bells are Ringing –
Super-8 is once again used by professional photographers to film weddings, and an interview with one wedding videographer explains why.
Using Your Super-8 Camera as a Still Camera –
Crazy but True! You can use your Super-8 camera to take 3600 still pictures on just one roll.
Interview With Rick Palidwor –
An interview with the co-director of the Super-8 feature SLEEP ALWAYS. Find out what’s involved creatively, technically, and financially to make a full length feature in Super-8.
MOVIEOLA – Canada has a new satellite channel called Movieola and it runs only short subjects. What’s more – they may want to buy yours.
Ektachrome 64T Lab Test – Results of 7 different labs that were each sent a cartridge of E-64T are examined,
Shoot the Fringe – A once every two year arts festival and a competition for
Super-8 come together in South Australia’s city of Adelaide.

ISSUE #5 (JULY/AUG 2006)

Super-8 Camera Reincarnation – Mitch Perkins explains how to get at least some use out of that broken camera you were going to throw in the dumpster.
Film Rescue International – The story of a Canadian company (one of only two in the world) that takes decades old unprocessed movie film and processes them uniquely to bring those lost images back to life.
John Porter: Super-8 Artist – John Porter’s use of Super-8 over the years (he has made over 300 Super-8 films) is as unique as the films themselves. A fascinating look at the man, his films, and the presentation of those films.
Renaissance Man – A biography of Roger Evans, his many careers and talents, and his company MovieStuff that makes Workprinter telecine units.
Lost Through Progress – A dialogue on Super-8 conservation held at this past International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Interview with Andy Evans – Andy talks about the making of his film The Castaways and some of the challenges that came with choosing Super-8 as the capture medium.
The Super-8 Reversal Challenge – What happens when six people are each given one roll of Ektachrome 64T, WittnerChrome 100D, and Fuji Velvia 50D to play with? Find out what these first hand users have to say about each.
Movie in a Bucket – Wolfgang Hastert’s documentary about the Hawaiian shirt industry incorporated Super-8 film, and was played on the European TV Channel ZDF / ARTE. Some of the film was hand processed to achieve its unique look.
Revisiting Hitchcock –A film analysis of the climatic finale to the movie Strangers on a Train reveals many editing and directorial tips that can help any filmmaker.
What Makes a Good Director? – Roger Evans gives some insight and answers to that question, and the problems a good director needs to know.



ISSUE #6 (SEPT/OCT 2006)

Interview with Justin Lovell – Justin Lovell’s short Stuntman won the International Award at the NOMOS film festival and is also profiled on Kodak’s website.
Super-8 Stories – A new TV show on the BBC has become wildly popular by showing movies and then interviewing the people that were in them.
The State of Super-8 –
David W. Scott analyzes the current state of Super-8 after Kodachrome by comparing different film stocks available today and looking at the world of telecine.
Giles Perkins – Giles Perkins talks about himself and the phenomenal growth of the very popular and informative website devoted to Super-8 called
A Pure and Sweet Hell – Giles Perkins interviews filmmaker Brian Vernor about his hour long Super-8 documentary of cyclocross racing.
Once is not Enough – A review of some of the common film cleaners and lubricants on the market and a short instruction on how to clean and help preserve those precious Super-8 frames.
The ABC’s of RGB –
Want to shoot Technicolor in Super-8? I mean the real Technicolor three strip process that was used by Hollywood in the ’40s and ’50s. Believe it or not, it can be done.
The Filter Connection –
Using filters to achieve the look you want for either black & white or color Super-8 films. A simple primer on the basics and essentials of the often forgotten filter.
The Travelogue Film –
Making a good travelogue film takes more than just shooting some pictures of the scenery like a still camera. The good news is Super-8 is a perfect medium for making an entertaining travelogue.
On Saturation and Grain – Life as a “Westsider” – A new Super-8 short uses a total of nine different film stocks to create the psychological feel the director wanted.



ISSUE #7 (NOV/DEC 2006)

A Tale of Two Women – Popular singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk and director Cline Mayo team up to work on a new film called Pretty Broken, about an institutionalized patient suffering from mood disorder .
Festival LegendThe United States Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival is gearing up for its 19th year. A look at the festival’s successful history, how it works, what the judges look for, and the man behind it all.
So You Want Me to Be in Your Film? – One of the biggest problems of any low budget film is a lack of acting talent. Find out where and how to get real actors for your next film.
Time Lapse & Time Exposure Titling – Everybody know how time-lapse looks on Super-8, but take a look at what happens when you create titles combining time-lapse with exposures of several seconds.
Super-8 Under the Sea– A whole new world awaits the filmmaker who dives into the water with his camera. A lot must be considered first, however, before taking the big “splash.”
Diary of a Coma Patient – A new film that uses Super-8 exclusively. Filmmaker Jeffrey Wedding discusses the making of the film adapted from his own short story.
My Dad’s Movie Camera – A nostalgic look at growing up in California: simpler times, movie night, the family, and that Kodak Brownie movie camera.
Surrealism and the “Power” of Cinema – Andre Breton believed that Surrealism could cure the world’s ills. Find out why the Surrealists found film to be the perfect method to awaken the mind.
Super-8 Tricks: Tips You Can Use – A variety of simple and inexpensive techniq-ues that can make your filmmaking easier or add a little luster to your production .
Nanolab – In Daylesford, Australia, a business called Nanolab hand processes Super-8 film, offering many lab services not even thought of in other areas of the world.

ISSUE #8 (JAN/FEB 2007)

The Halogenuros Project – Perhaps the most ambitious Super-8 film ever. This nine minute short is an example of what Super-8 can do when made into a 35mm negative through a modern Digital Intermediate.
Time to Kick it up a Notch – Take Ektachrome 100D and push process it one stop and what do you have? A 200 ASA speed color reversal film with incredible results.
So You Want to Produce a Low Budget Film? – The importance of adhering to union agreements if you want to use professional actors in your film, and a quick overview of the union rules in the U.S. and Canada.
Good Morning Herr Horst – Can you make a music video, take a trip to Sweden for the shoot, done entirely on Super-8, and get the client to foot the bill? You betcha!
Work in Progress – The story of Ed Gerdeman, the man behind the inspiration for a short (named Honorable Mention in the 2007 U.S. Super 8 Film Festival) made to gain local and global awareness of the environment.
Working Backwards – An inspiration for those Super-8 filmmakers out there that have been sitting on the fence for too long, letting their equipment get dusty while waiting for just the right idea to come along.
SUPER 16 INC. – Wow! A solution to the number one problem facing Super-8 filmmakers today: where to get that camera serviced.
Pro8mm – An inside look into one of the biggest Super-8 processing labs in the world, with a historical perspective of the company, its current production capabilities, and future outlook.
DVD Review: Super 8 Exposed – A DVD tribute to the final days of Kodak’s last Super-8 Kodachrome processing lab in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Super-8 in the Video Age – The concept of a Super-8 camera can be quite confusing to most people who have been part of the video age, made all the more complicated by a confusing terminology of formats.


Carving Out A Niche With NCP Films – An interview with the two principals of NCP Films, one of the hottest companies around making specialized films, and incorporating Super-8 into many of them.
DVD Review:
Super-8 Cities Global Documentary Project
Learning at 18 Frames a Second –
Instructor Chris Hite was curious what his students, having been taught only digital video, would think of Super-8 after he integrated it into an intermediate film class.
How to Create Better Movie Frames – How to frame a shot can be an art. And it can make the difference between a good film and a bad one. Three suggestions on how to perfect your framing skills.
Basic Lighting Tips –
Often neglected and highly touted when used properly, lighting the film doesn’t need to be a Hollywood secret and kept in the dark any longer. Some simple tips on how to light for actors.
Debenham Media Group –
High quality Super-8 transfers at $20 per 50’ roll? Yes it’s available and all happening at a company called My Movie Transfer in Pittsburgh.
Antidote to a Virtual World –
A guide to do-it-yourself home processing. Everything you need to know to make your pictures come alive from your own hands.
Patrick Cooper’s Guide to Buying a Projector –
Get your fingers off that eBay “buy now” button, or at least until after you read what you need to know to get the best Super-8 projector for you.
A Bit about Film with Curtis Kessinger –
The author of Just Shoot It!, a how-to book for beginning filmmakers, explains what inspired him to write it, and how budding filmmakers, from directors to screenwriters, can better their chances for success.
Projecting the Right Image –
If you have never projected your films, you have no idea what you are missing. Prepare yourself for a shock, but first look at what you can do to get optimum performance from your projector.
The Brainwash Short Film and Video Festival –
An interview with Dave Krzysik, the founder and inspiration of the Brainwash Short Film Festival, and a talented filmmaker and musician in his own right.

ISSUE #10 (MAY/JUNE 2007)

Super-8 and the Factory Girl – When Super-8 was used extensively for the feature film Factory Girl recently, it was big news. Now get the facts behind it all by reading this extensive interview with Director of Photography Michael Grady.
Guy Pearce – Michael Ryan talks with the star of Factory Girl. The candid interview covers his life, his own use of Super-8. and his role in Factory Girl.
Dramatic 8: A Director Uses Super-8 Professionally – Timothy Gassen uses Super-8 for much more than that “home movie” look. But to get the best results, here are six tips that come from experience on the set.
Serendipity and the Canon 1014XLS – What makes this such a coveted collectors’ and film shooters’ mother of cameras? The numerous features of course, but which ones work well, and which ones don’t?
Surfing with Super-8 – Traveling the world, interviewing surfers in Hawaii and shooting Super-8 film. Sounds like paradise, but just another day in the life Eric Jordan, who provides background into 1950s and 1960s surfing world and legends.
Shot of Solitude – A filmmaking camp where you have to process your own film in a barn, and complete a finished movie in only five days can be a daunting task, but also fun. The lessons to be learned can also stay with you for the rest of your life.
The Grace of 8: Shooting Super-8 for the Fun of It – Ken Paul Rosenthal (interviewed from questions by Norwood Cheek) writes about the filmmaking community of San Francisco, his workshops, and why he chooses to process his films himself, by hand.
Profile of a Super-8 User: Goran Barac – The Last of the Super-8 Mohicans in the former Yugoslavian area now known as Bosnia and Herzegovina is shooting Super-8 with a passion.
DVD Review: Westsider – Westsider is a twenty-minute Super-8 film incorporating nine different film stocks! The film will be for sale shortly, and you can read the “Sneak Preview” review today!
Super-8: Back to the Future – Michael Lehnert discusses the past editing and distribution workflow of Super-8, and the new workflow, brought on by the digital era, that opens up new possibilities.

ISSUE #11 (FALL 2007)

Guerilla Filmmaking – What you need to know to make your low-budget film from costuming and makeup to location, food, and hiring actors. Every obstacle can be overcome with some planning and a guerilla mindset.
A Call to Arms – Why Super-8 is still a very viable format in the 21st Century, and why it has become a part of the digital world, which makes it a great learning tool for beginners.
Hand Made Film Camp – Take a group of people for a week, throw them together into the mountains guided by an off-beat professor, shake them up and stir vigorously,and you come out with a bunch of filmmakers who can make movies without cameras.
Top of the Line Cameras: The Beaulieu 4008 ZM II – The first of a four-part series highlighting the best performing Super-8 cameras in all of Super-8 history.
MONKS – An in-depth look at Sean Blosl’s Super-8 short called Monks, a film that examines the Tibetan monks, from inside the Seara Monastery. Surrounded by 200 monks, Mr. Blosl used his Minolta XL401 to tell his perspective and sense of the view from within.
Music Video Corner: Strategy of Tragedy – A look at the making of a Super-8 music video, from the filmmaker’s perspective.
Elmo GS1200 Conversion to HTI… Made Easy – A demonstration on how to convert any Elmo GS1200 projector into a Xenon HTI-powered turbo projector capable of over 1,000 lux blasting onto the screen.
The First of Many Strawberry Super-8 Film Festivals? – The first annual Strawberry Film Festival, its origins and the feelings from within the event are highlighted in this extraordinary show in the city of Cambridge.
DVD Review: Factory Girl – The first theatrically released movie featuring extensive original Super-8 footage to help tell its story is now on DVD, viewed, and reviewed on an entertainment level.
Film Theory and Study: Revisiting Jaws – Patrick Cooper analyzes the movie Jaws, what set it apart from traditional movies up to that time, and how it changed cinema thereafter.

ISSUE #12 (WINTER 2008)

The Passion of the Filmmaker – The greatest filmmaker in the world has never shot a single frame of film. What it takes to be one of the few — in your heart and mind.
The Seven Year Itch
– Eight years ago Peter Hearn made a feature on Super-8 called Appleseed Lake. But things didn’t end up as planned, and now it’s time to remaster and release the film.
To Catch a Thief –
What happens when one Super-8 aficionado heads for the freeway during a Super Bowl half-time to film a sunset, and ends up leaping on the hood of a moving car.
Super-8 in the Snow –
Filming in the winter and especially with snow on the ground requires some different techniques and planning for proper exposure and realistic looking footage.
Why You Need This Camera
– Nikon still makes a great camera for Super-8 filmmakers, and it’s called the FM10. It may be a 35mm still camera, but if you really want to make movies with film, this camera is a must-have.
DVD REVIEW: Automatons –
Just out on DVD, a complete feature made almost exclusively with Kodak Super-8 Tri-X and with a 1950s sci-fi look and appeal. Is the film entertaining or just a novelty?
Film Theory and Study: Key Largo –
This analysis of a classic from 1948 looks at one single 48-second scene from the director’s and editor’s viewpoints: shot by shot.
The Tete Offensive –
Traveling to Mozambique in 1995 to make a film about digging up abandoned land mines causes one filmmaker more than he bargained for. At least land mines were expected to be dangerous, but the unexpected held even worse luck.
Top of the Line Cameras: The Leitz Leicina Special
– The second of a four-part series highlighting the best performing Super-8 cameras in all of Super-8 history.
Sound Advice –
Sound can be equally as important as the picture, but often is an afterthought in small productions. Knowledge you need to know to make the most professional soundtracks and how to get the loudest ‘bang’ for the buck.
Directions of Encounter –
Super-8 as it as never been used before, in a new multi-dimensional abstract art presentation which allows you to walk along super-sized Super-8 frames.

ISSUE #13 (SPRING 2008)

The 2nd International Cambridge Super-8 Festival – Last year’s Strawberry festival in Cambridge, U.K. is now an annual event. Ian Helliwell is also interviewed about his work in experimental films.
Taking 8mm to Hi-Definition – Hi-Def is going to be the norm, so here is a prep of all you need to know when taking the plunge to have that Super-8 classic, new or old, transferred to HD.
Event S.O.S. – Two Canadian filmmakers come to Ohio to showcase Super-8 films, projected on a screen in a local chapel, and play to a packed house.
A Black and White Treat for the Eyes – Justin Aguirre’s film, Popsicle, a four-and-a-half minute widescreen Super-8 short, proves what a 20 year old filmmaker with a small budget and a good idea can do.
Sound Advice II: – Useful tips on using the computer for editing and mixing your soundtracks, along with what to do before giving your work to a professional mixer for the finish.
BOOK REVIEW: The Manual of Successful Movie Making – Many years ago there was Ivan Watson, a prolific movie maker and writer that inspired many amateur filmmakers. One of his out-of-print books is now available again on-line, and it proves that knowledge and inspiration are timeless.
Film Theory and Study: Cléo from 5 to 7 – Continuing the Film Theory and Study series, two scenes from Agnès Varda’s Cléo from 5 to 7 are highlighted to demonstrate the effect of mise-en-scène to create character development.
Roger Toulemonde, the man with a Super-8 camera – From the days of showing movies in his car to the latest shows of Cinerotic, a bicycle driven erotic film show, the French New Wave is back in the form of Mr. Toulemonde, ready to entertain the viewers in new ways unimagined.
Top of the Line Cameras: The Bauer A512 – The third of a four-part series highlighting the best performing Super-8 cameras in all of Super-8 history.
Making the Grade – A review of the Pro814 camera sold by Pro8mm for $795. What’s wrong and what’s right with the camera, and what kind of results can be achieved with it.


Martha Colburn’s Super-8 Film Alchemy – The amazing, talented, and intriguing Ms. Colburn; her Super-8 roots, history, and filmmaking are analyzed with an in-depth look at this hardworking creative genius.
All About Anamorphics…Partly the Cinemascope Story –
A short personalized history lesson from Tony Shapps who has been involved in widescreen formats for the small guage filmmaker for several decades.
Pocket Film Viewer…for Your Own Masterpieces – Take a toy film viewer that plays a short strip of Super-8 film, replace it with your own Super-8 movie, and create the perfect novelty gift. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to do it.
Interview with Eric Stanze – Eric Stanze, the director who makes low-budget horror films, discusses his Super-8 adventures with the film Ice from the Sun.
Secrets of Encoding Super-8 – The technical scope of converting the Super-8 image into something that can be used on your computer. It’s more involved than you think.
Patrick Cooper’s Guide to Understanding Photography – A photographic primer for the new student, the curious, or a brush-up course for the filmmaker who has been on the sidelines for awhile. It’s different from digital.
Top of the Line Cameras: The Nizo Professional – The final installment of a four-part series highlighting the best performing Super-8 cameras in all of Super-8 history
DVD Review: The Super8 Diaries Project – A four year project that encompasses a collage of music videos from Australian garage bands and takes on documentary proportions.
Antonin Artaud’s Film Theory – Studying an avant-garde artist’s theory through the frames of the first surreal film: The Seashell and the Clergyman, made in 1927.
Green Eights and Ham – Who says Super-8 can’t go green? A short checklist to remember when shooting your film on how to keep the environment clean and green.
Sundown and the Action Begins – The newest drive-in happens to be in Kettering, Ohio — at least for a night anyway.


Why Vinnie Carponzo Hates Trains – The inside scoop on the making of a bank heist caper, all shot in Canada with Kodak’s breathtaking Vision 2 negative film.
All About Anamorphics…Part 2 – A continuation of a short history lesson from Tony Shapps who has been involved in widescreen formats for the small gauge filmmaker for several decades.
Making “Gordon” –
Joel Potrykus’ account of a 20-minute Super-8 film he recently made – from concept to shooting to telecine transfer.
Colorlab – A tour through this Maryland based film lab, which also offers telecine work, and optical printing.
Not-So-Special Effects – Making a film with no budget is common in the Super-8 world. But how about one filled with monsters and special effects? The inside story of The Naked Monster.
Super-8 from eBay to YouTube – Venus on the Half Shell is a vintage clothing store in Maryland. What better way to promote such a store than the free internet via YouTube? The staff of the store decided to do just that, and on Super-8 film to boot.
Bringing Film to Video: The World of Telecine – Patrick Cooper walks us through the possibilities of the telecine world, that last but all important step of taking your film and digitizing it for editing and copying.
Book Review: Homemade Hollywood – A book about the current world and history of fan films might seem a little limited, but nevertheless, it is full of pleasant surprises.
When the Levee Breaks – The story of documentary filmmaker Helen Hill, whose life tragically ended in New Orleans at the hands of a robber shortly after the flood of 2006.
The Aesthetics of Super-8 Anarchy – Craig Smith is an underground filmmaker’s underground filmmaker. His Psychedelic Glue Sniffin Hillbilies from 1993 is now ready to attack the DVD shelves.
A Leveling Plate and Rod Support for the Beaulieu 4008 – For use of professional matte boxes, an accessory rod support system is needed for your camera. Here is a review of a handmade version from ACS Products.


On the Trail of Ghosts of the West – A multi-year effort to document remains of ghost towns has resulted in a beautiful film by E.S. Knightchilde, utilizing Kodak’s recently discontinued Plus-X black & white film to create a stunning look through history.
Super-8 is Beautiful – Michael Ryan reminisces about his five year stint as contributing writer for Super8Today magazine and some of the interesting people he met along the way.
Lenny Lipton, Super-8 Living Legend – Famed Super-8 pioneer, filmmaker, writer for Super8Filmaker magazine, and current 3-D technology creator and consultant is a living legend and still going strong.
A Tour Through Spectra Film & Video – Charles Doran takes us on a tour of one of the country’s top Super-8 labs and sits down and chats with co-owners Jerry Luca and Doug Thomas.
Interview with Super-8 Super-Hero Guy Maddin – One of the most prolific filmmakers around. Guy shares his likes and dislikes with author and Super-8 guru Rick Palidwor.
Kodachrome: The Final Days – When Dwayne’s Photo announced the shut-down date of its Kodachrome Super-8 processor, the countdown to the final end of the Kodachroone dynasty began.
Double System Sync Sound for Super-8 – It’s time to re-evaluate what is currently available for recording sound on a separate device from the camera, and how to keep the sound in sync with the picture.
Spreading the Gospel of Filmmaking with Paolo Davanzo – An interview with the man behind Echo Park Film Center in L.A., the one-of-a-kind Super-8 cinema and film workshop, which also runs the new Film Mobile.
Selling Film or Not – Phil Sheard shares what began his interest in Super-8 collecting as a hobby, and the present trials and tribulations of running a company that sells film to collectors.
All About Anamorphics…Part 3 – A continuation of a short history lesson from Tony Shapps who has been involved in widescreen formats for the small gauge filmmaker for several decades.
Book Review: The Power of Super 8 Film –
What to expect from Phil Vigeant’s (the owner of Pro8mm in Los Angleles) eagerly awaited Super-8 book.
Product Review: Film-O-Clean – A Thorough test of a new product that attaches to your projcctor or telecine set-up and cleans the film just before it enters the projector’s pressure plare and lens.
View from a Collector’s Corner – A short review of some new releases from Derann and Classic Images.
Exploring Animation –
The ongoing column on traditional cartoon animation by Alan Cleave.