SILVER 100 Super-8 B&W Reversal Film from Retro Classic Film


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Super8mm 50′ cartridge of Silver 100
Brand New and Super FRESH Reversal film
Beautiful black & white 100 ISO speed film
Price is for one box of film (one 50′ cartridge). 
Shipping is USPS GROUND ADVANTAGE – 3-5 days delivery U.S. only.

RETRO CLASSIC FILM’S SILVER 100 black and white film is a fine grain medium speed acetate black and white reversal movie film. When processed using normal B&W reversal chemicals, the same as you would when processing Kodak Tri-X, a nominal speed rating of ISO 100 / 21° can be achieved. The cartridge is notched for ISO 100, however the film can be exposed for ISO 100, 125, or even 160.  The film can be processed as a rich reversal positive or as a negative.  This film is sharp, featuring an anti-halation layer for excellent detail reproduction.  Slitted and perforated in highest quality and loaded under clean-room conditions into new and genuine Kodak Super-8 cartridges.

Please NOTE:  Any lab that processes Kodak Tri-X Super-8 film should be able to process Silver 100, because this is NOT Fomapan.  This is also a great film to process yourself, and I have heard of excellent results using Photographer’s Formulary Substitute D-19 or standard Kodak B&W reversal chemicals you use for processing Kodak Tri-X.


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