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SUPER 8 TODAY magazine
The Magazine for Amateur and Professional Filmmakers
Issue #14 – 2008 – New Old Stock and unread
In the spirit of Super-8 Filmaker from the 1970s this is a fantastic magazine (out of print now) and this is a brand new never read issue (new old stock). Printed on glossy paper; 8.5″ x 11″ finished size; 52 pages; color & black & white
Articles include:
DVD Review: The Super-8 Diaries Project
Top of the Line Cameras: The Nizo Professional
Martha Colburn’s Super-8 Alchemy
All About Anamorphics…Partly the Cinemascope Story
Pocket Film Viewer…for Your Own Masterpiece
Green Eights and Ham
Interview with Eric Stanze
Patrick Cooper’s Guide to Understanding Photography
Sundown and the Action Begins
Secrets of Encoding Super-8
Antonin Artaud’s Film Theory
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